DTCS International Limited uses over 14 years of experience in Information Technology Management to deliver high-quality data management services to organizations, with specific emphasis to those related to the public sector. Some of the relevant projects undertaken by the firm or its lead consultant include the following:

  1. Digitized Return of Fish landing forms. Digitized forms from 1959 to 1966; developed indexing application, trained staff to use application to continue on going scanning in the department’s office.
  2. Database design and data capture. Captured six (6) years of historical data, digitized 2500 fish landing forms, generated maps showing the fishing areas at sea, developed specific reports and trained the users of the system.
  3. Digitized 120,000 pages of Archival Records, dating back to the 1800's for an organization in the city of Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.
  4. Implemented electronic records and management system. Oversaw digitizing of several years of pay records cards for divisions of a government Ministry.
  5. Migration of a student database from an Object oriented system to a relational database platform. DTCS was also responsible for physically migrating twenty (20) years of historical records to the new application.
  6. Implemented the electronic File Registry System for the registry division of a government Ministry and upgraded the application to include digitized incoming correspondence.


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