DTCS, while shaping a unique environmental culture for itself, recognizes the expertise to be leveraged through partnerships and alliances. We are in an ongoing process of evaluating local and international individuals/firms that will advance the vision of our firm in a very meaningful way. To date we have established solid working relationships with some of these partners.

Internationally we have partnered with the following firms:

GoScan [Logo]GoScan provides companies that have branch offices, geographically dispered, with a smart, simple and secure digitizing solution. It's solution can be found in private companies, healthcare, education and government organizations.

Remote scanning of forms or documents is fast, easy and cost effective. GoScan's remote scanning software gives organizations the capability to scan forms from anywhere in the world. You can use any TWAIN compliant device, which includes most scanners and MFP (multi-function or all-in-one fax/scan/print peripherals).

Geospatial Solutions & Technology [Logo]Geospatial Solutions and Technology is a USA based firm, specializing in the delivery of Geographic Information Systems Training and services especially to the agriculture sector. Geospatial Solutions & Technology (GST) uses over 20 years of experience in GIS and associated technology to deliver high quality, comprehensive training services to your organization.

GST brings together a team of highly trained and experienced GIS specialists, managers and technicians who have a very sound understanding of the public sector environment in the Caribbean. 

Square 9 Softworks [Logo]Square 9's Document Management System "SmartSearch" has a successful track record and has earned a sound reputation as a strong competitor in the field of Document Management Solutions.


590633 FileTrail logo RGB FileTrail Physical Records Management is the global leader in RFID File Tracking. It provides access and visibility to all your physical records and adapts to reflect your organizational structure, file plan and security. www.filetrail.com 

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